Nasty Harriet

Nasty Harriet

Wesley’s World Book 4

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Nasty Harriet is the fourth book in the Wesley’s World series and is targeted at readers aged 5 years and upward. Nasty Harriet deals with the topic of bullying.

The first step is to do some research on bullying – be prepared and educate yourself!

Know the answers to these questions: Is bullying the problem? What is bullying? What are the different types of bullying? Why don’t children usually tell anyone they are being bullied? What are the signs of a child being bullied? What are the effects of bullying? How can bullying affect those people who witness it? Why do people bully others? What can you do to stop bullying?

Vivien would like to remind parents that the age suggestions are recommendations only. You choose which book is appropriate for the stage of your child’s development.

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