About The Author

[vc_column_text]Wesley’s World started with Vivien. Vivien is a social worker and advocate who has seen the harm caused by sexual abuse. The prevention of this harm became her cause. In trying to address this, it became clear that the information was a big part of the solution.

Research shows that to stop child sexual abuse we needed to have conversations with everyone involved with children: parents, educators, community leaders, community members and children themselves. But she quickly discovered that, in a world saturated with slick marketing and complex messages, information about this distinctly important but unsexy topic was easily lost. She decided that what was needed was an engaging resource to communicate the right message with the sensitivity that the topic demands. Wesley’s World is key to such communication.

Her writing has appeared in numerous publications for the Australian government and for the wider media including The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, and The AJN. Vivien is also the author of the highly regarded Wesley World series of books which are parent/child guides to personal safety.

Vivien’s work, which has focused primarily on child abuse in the past six years, draws together research and evidence-based theory, practical experience and programmes with evaluated, evidence-based success.[/vc_column_text]

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