Guidelines And Resources For Parents

Guidelines For Parents

We would like to offer some general guidelines, rules and information about child protection and talking to kids – tools for general communication.

The content contained here is aimed at parents, carers and educators and is a collection of best practice from a variety of child protection programs and academic sources.

Prepare Yourself: Educate Yourself

Learn about child safety through an excellent on-line program:

  • Stewards of Children: (on-line, evaluated)

Additional resources:

Getting Started: Talk About It

• Start communication at an early age.
• Explain that personal body safety is part of keeping safe and healthy.
• Keep the talks informal, talks as openly as you would about road safety.
• Don’t rely on one discussion – children need repetition to learn.
• Use simple language but correct terms for body parts.

Worried about a child? Not sure what to do?

Call Wesley’s World partner Child Wise Nation Child Abuse Prevention Helpline

The Child Wise Nation Child Abuse Prevention Helpline is a toll free, community- funded number providing Australians with access to expert advice from trained councillors and opportunity to speak up about child abuse.

Child Wise Nation Child Abuse Prevention Helpline
Call: (Australia) 1800 991 099 or
Email: [email protected]

The helpline is available from Monday to Friday.

If assistance is needed outside these hours or in case of emergency Child Wise recommends contacting the following services:

1800RESPECT: call 1800 737 732
or Emergency services: call 000

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