Wesley’s World books are drawn from lengthy research
A valuable guide to personal safety for children
Each book explores new topics learned through Wesley’s adventures

Wesley’s World is not about giving answers.
It is all about asking questions.

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The Wesley’s World Collection


About Wesley’s World Books

Wesley’s World is not about giving answers; it is all about asking questions. Wesley’s World is a resource that is designed to let adults and children talk about some of the most difficult and important issues in life.


“Children, from a very young age need to learn that it’s ‘OK’ to talk about these themes with their carers. Vivien Resofsky’s age specific series of books ‘Wesley’s World’ provide a welcome addition to the literature available.

These stories can act as a catalyst for families beginning these important discussions.”

Mary Mass, Councillor and Advocate at the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA), Australia

“The Wesley’s World series is an exceptional resource. It is written and presented in a way that is appropriate for children, guardians and educators – it covers the full spectrum. I particularly like the simple guide for parents at the end of the books… It is a great honour for me to endorse the Wesley’s World Series and I commend its author Vivien Resofsky. I hope the Wesley’s World Series is in the bookshelf of every home with children.”

Manny Waks Author/Founder of Australian-based support and advocacy group for Jewish victims/survivors of child sexual abuse: Tzedek

“Wonderful resource, we are all huge fans of Wesley here at the office.”

Lizzie Lamb Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Childwise

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